Benchmark Home Services

Serving Bloomington & Southwest Indiana


Deciding to have your home inspected was a critical first step, and now by researching inspectors you are taking a step perhaps even more critical in the due diligence every smart buyer should be doing.

You need to know what you're buying, how it operates and, at least in general, your responsibilities for its care and maintenance. Can you imagine wanting any less? We can't either, but when an inspector just provides an inspection that meets the minimum standards in Indiana Law, it is not likely to provide you with the understanding that you seek or the Peace of Mind that comes from having had a Benchmark Inspection.

Our commitment to you

  1. To provide a thorough inspection using knowledge that Mark has acquired from over 45 years of learning about and working with the construction of buildings.
  2. To determine the importance of and cause of all significant deficiencies observed.
  3. To take the time necessary to clearly explain these things to you.
  4. To provide a general description of or the next step in making corrections to restore the kind of service and reliability that you should expect a deficient system or component to have.
  5. To be available to answer any of your building questions at or after the inspection. We want you to consider Mark as a resource for the answers to all your building questions.

  6. Did you know?

    Mark spent 25 years building and renovating homes and businesses prior to his 25 year career inspecting.
    We hope that you will try to attend the inspection, but if you are unable, rest assured; you can depend that Mark will:

  7. Promptly write and send you a clear narratively written report describing the observed conditions at the property, the significance of those concerns, Mark's opinion as to the causes and his sincere good faith recommendations for corrections.
  8. Lastly, you can expect Prompt, Courteous, and Professional Service.


You can't put a price on the Peace of Mind that comes from a clear understanding of the condition of your property provided by a caring, experienced, independent professional.